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Terms & Conditions

All memberships at Mersey Valley Golf Club are a 12-month contract. The membership year commences on the date that you join and runs for a period of 12 whole months. Subscription are paid either annually in advance or monthly by direct debit. When paying by direct debit we ask that you pay your first month upfront along with the Cheshire Golf Union fee.
Members paying by instalments must do so by direct debit. Bank information must be supplied at the time of commencement of membership. By paying by instalments, you are agreeing to a membership for one year regardless of the number of times you play. It is agreed that while Mersey Valley Golf Club gives you the ability to pay the for your subscription over a 12-month period, your playing use of the membership is not proportionately spread over 12 months .
All members who do not wish to renew should write or email to inform us, otherwise we will automatically continue with the direct debit payment at the new current subscription rate for the following year and a new 12-month agreement will commence.
For members who wish to pay annually in advance, your subscription should be paid in full within seven days of the renewal date otherwise your membership will be suspended until payment is received in full. Members who wish to pay monthly by direct debit should be aware that if a direct debit collection is not honoured, their membership will be suspended immediately. If the amount outstanding remains unpaid within 28 days of the collection date, the membership will be cancelled.
Cancellation policy: If you wish to cancel your membership mid contract you must give a 3 month written notice. Should members wish to suspend their membership due to ill health; they must write to the club and provide a medical certificate which is reviewed by the management team before any decision is made. Suspended members are only able to recommence their membership with the consent of the Club.
Should the club be closed due to bad weather, re-development work or under direction from local authority or the government, it is recognised that your membership will continue, and this contract will remain valid. Both the Club and all Members accept that this membership has variations on monthly and seasonal usage, and it is, therefore, not reasonable to dispute continuity of service based on one or more month’s service interruption.
The Club will endeavour to provide golf courses and communal areas in the best condition possible. This may, from time to time, result in closure of holes or parts of holes to make improvements considered to be in the best long-term interest of the course. The course or practice areas may be closed due to extreme weather conditions or for competitions and for booked play outside of the members’ times.

Code of conduct

MV is committed to providing an inclusive environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation for members, employees and guests. Members, guests and visitors are all reminded that an acceptable standard of behaviour is expected in all areas on the Club and course, at all times.
On the course: Avoid slow play and allow other golfers to play through as appropriate. Always follow established golf etiquette respecting the course, such as: Repairing pitch marks, replacing divots, raking bunkers. Showing the necessary respect to fellow golfers at all times, which incorporates; no shouting on the course, no misuse of equipment (i.e. throwing clubs in frustration etc.), no aggressive behaviour, or the taking of performance enhancing Conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner and do not knowingly cheat, disrespect employees, officials or fellow players. Mobile phones are permitted throughout the club and course however, we ask all golfers to be respectful of others
In the clubhouse: Any form of discrimination, harassment or intimidation is regarded as unacceptable behaviour and will be dealt with accordingly. The use of foul or abusive language such as swearing has no place in the clubhouse and any member heard using unacceptable or offensive language will be asked to either stop or leave the premises. Smoking or the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted within any of the club buildings. The taking of illegal substances will incur immediate suspension and loss of membership. Be considerate towards others when using your Mobile phone in the clubhouse. All reports of discriminatory behaviour and/or harassment will be dealt with by the management team accordingly.